Friday, 8 May 2009

Selamat Jalan, Indri

Yet another sad loss. Yesterday we heard that Indri Morizette had been taken from us. Indri, was one of the most beautiful and talented waria (transsexual) that I have ever met. In April 2002, she co-founded 'Saribattangku', a peer support group for HIV-infected waria in Makassar, South Sulawesi. that quickly became a model for similar groups around the country.

We take activists like Indri for granted. I've never taken the trouble to find out about her background or to write down what I did know of her. I recall that she was chosen as Queen in at least one beauty contest. I also remember that she address at least one international congress, the ICAAP in Kobe in 2005 - perhaps others can provide more details.

I'd hoped we were moving away from the situation where 'waria are queuing up to die', as the leader of the Surabaya waria group put it so bluntly several years back. But it seems that we've still a ways to go. And the loss of Indri won't make it easier.